What's In-Store Music delivers both major label and independent priorities to our programming partners which can lead to in-store airplay and hundreds of thousands of impressions.


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Armada Music Artist "Brando" is no stranger to the What's In-Store Music charts. We first noticed him with the huge success of "Body" from Loud Luxury where he was the fe...

"Hold On To Memories" 

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"Fire With Fire"

"In a world where emotional unavailability reigns high and commitment is a thing of the past, we tend to settle for relationships that are unhealthy and unfu...

Our motto is "It's all about impressions". At What's In-Store Music we do our best to help our clients increase those impressions and reach their audience through in-store play. Al...

What's In-Store Music was introduced to Ashley McBryde last year with "Girl Goin' Nowhere" and we knew instantly she was destined for big things!! Her new single, "One Night S...

The Shadowboxers
(Live from EastWest Studios)

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Barry Manilow announced that he is releasing the follow-up to his critically acclaimed, GRAMMY-nominated album, NIGHT SONGS, on February 14th, Valentine's Day. The new collection, ...


"Return To Sender" 

"I have always had been a HUGE fairytale fan and grew up on tales of magic, prince & princesses and of course, "Happily ever after". Reality proved to...

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate three of our clients, Gabby Barrettfor King and Country and Meg Myers on their recent accomplishments. Although they...

Kelvin Frazier
"Roller Coaster"

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