What's In-Store Music delivers both major label and independent priorities to our programming partners which can lead to in-store airplay and hundreds of thousands of impressions.


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Sofia Carson
"Guess I'm A Liar"

Nick Caster

"Tonight" was written to be classy, exciting, and sexy. It's about living in the moment with someone special, when the laws of attraction are intense and unden...

"Working with What's In-Store Music has been amazing, especially as an independent artist. I've had multiple songs reach millions of new listeners, which has led to a real growth o...

The 5th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Newsletter campaign kicks off this week!!! Starting Friday, October 30th and running through December 18th, the newsletter features new...

Hollywood Records has three big Laine Hardy hits with us: His debut single "Flame" topped our charts for many weeks and continues to be among our most played songs. Over...

Sarah Reeves
"Heart First"

"Best Friend Song"

“The Reason”

"The Reason captures the guilt of leaving someone heartbroken. I wanted to focus on the pain of knowing you're the cause of someone else's pain, especially when t...

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