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(Retro) Out & About

We miss seeing our friends!! Here we are with Arista Record's John Boulos at the last Worldwide Radio Summit. John is one of the all-time great promotion ex...

Corinne Cook
"Yes I Can"

 Liz Kennedy
"Hello Romance"

"I liked the idea of speaking to romance as though romance were a person. A friend you can't depend on, a friend always welcomed back. When I wrote this...

A Special Video from The Tribe
"With A Little Help From My Friends"

 What's In-Store Music did a special Out & About feature a few weeks back about an online concert telethon presen...

RIP Kandy Klutch

What's In-Store Music shares in the sorrow at the passing of radio legend Kandy Klutch (Nancy Froelich). Bob's relationship with Kandy went back decades to her...

Loud Luxury ft. Morgan St. Jean

Pete Muller
"Not Your Man"

"Have you ever been in a relationship where you incredibly attracted to someone, but they're just not good for you?
Someone you can't stop thinking about?

What's In-Store Music loves it when our industry friends publish books about their music business adventures. Dave Morrell continues his story in a new volume called Run Out G...

(Retro) Out & About

Spandau Ballet, 7/29/15, Pacific Amphitheatre

This week, we're throwing it all the way back to the early days to our second Out & About photo in the history of th...

Don't Believe In Ghosts
"Living Like This"

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