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Stephanie Quayle
"Whatcha Drinkin 'Bout"

"When the three of us [co-writers Joey Ebach and Ryland Fisher] got together to write, we were all meeting for the first time! I brought som...

Stitched Up Heart

"This song is dedicated to the soldiers who sacrifice everything to protect the ones they love. To those who have seen things they can never come back fr...

Ava Della Pietra
"Christmas Tonight"

"Christmas Tonight is about being with the people you love during the holiday season. Last Christmas, I started playing around with a couple of...


"Lost To The Night"

"Lost To The Night" is a song about reconciliation - with a family member or loved one, a friend or a partner… The song started with a simple question...

Ashley 1st 

"Santa Baby"

"What's amazing about this recording of "Santa Baby" is that I recorded it in just one take for what I thought was a small gift to only my family since I was...

 Nolan Saylor

"That Feeling"

"The process began when David Nathan connected me with the guys at Bear Creek and Ryan Hadlock decided to take part in the project. Ryan has produced fo...

Juliana Hale

"Dangerous" is a hard hitting song about a toxic relationship. I wanted the production, done by Jared Lee Gosselin, to sonically sound dangerous to really a...

"Hey You"

The Rua 

"This song is one of our favourites and came about initially due to an experience with someone in a lift who was being arrogant and had a bad attitude to the peopl...

"Nothing Lost"

The Alternate Routes

"I started writing "Nothing Lost" after working on the Bob Marley Song "Three Little Birds" with a student of mine. I have always loved that song,...

 "Sweet Revenge"

Laura Bryna with Kalendr

"'Sweet Revenge' is a cocktail of sass, attitude, edginess, and all around bad-ass female empowerment. Damon Sharpe (Producer) and I wanted...

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