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Whether you're an independent artist, manager or record label executive, What's In-Store music can help you get your music heard via a new and exciting platform that delivers an abundance of airplay. We're talking about in-store airplay that includes big box stores, quick service restaurants and retailers. We also are a full-service promotion and marketing leg for artists across all formats. 

in-store airplay
  • Deliver and promote music to partner, Retail Radio

  • Coordinate artist liners for in-store airply

  • Customize a radio hour to run in hundreds of stores, specific to your artist(s)

  • Assist in shaping Holiday Music playlists for 20,000+ stores

radio promotion &
  • Work music priorities to radio, nationally (includes SiriusXM)

  • Develop strategic marketing and promotion plans, tailored to fit your artists' needs

  • Provide airplay updates and chart activity


Brand Development, Marketing & Publicity
  • Website builds and re-builds

  • Social Media assistance

  • Image consulting


Promo Tours & Performance Opportunities
  • In-store appearances

  • Radio station visits and in-studio performances

  • Corporate Meetings -- entertainment opportunities

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