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We are excited to share the news that one of What’s In-Store Music’s very first clients, Hemming, Is currently on the road in support of her Custard Records self-titled debut as the opening act for the Chris Cornell Higher Truth Tour. We caught up with her in between shows to chat about recording with a rock legend, what makes her smile and playing at some of the most beautiful venues in America.​


​What was it like working with Linda Perry in the studio?

Fun and intense and easy. We worked very well together and got along but it is still somewhat intimidating to be working with someone so prominent in the music industry.

A lot of your lyrics are very sad. What makes you happy?


You are currently on an extensive theater tour opening for Chris Cornell. What was it like playing for your hometown?

It was nice to see my friends and feel at home and not need to use a map to get anywhere. Philly is always a tough crowd but once they warmed up to me I felt welcomed with brotherly love.

​You have played at some amazing theaters/cities on this tour, what have been your favorites and why?

I really loved Chicago Theatre and it was a total trip to play the Walt Disney Concert hall because its 360 degree seating.

What’s the best part of being on the road? What’s the worst part?

Waking up in a different city every day is the best part. And young fans that just started playing guitar and want to talk about it is a great part too, it makes me feel like I’m Taylor Swift but for the more sad dark misunderstood kids.

Being away from the ones I love and always feeling very alone is the worst part. Also, I miss cooking my own food.

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