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Dylan Berry covers every aspect of the music industry. He is an award winning music producer, composer, entertainment industry entrepreneur and radio host of “Bompopradio,” a pop culture talk show on Dash Radio’s Discover Channel airing Fridays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Berry is a passionate supporter of independent music and gives emerging artists valuable exposure through his radio show.

Despite his insanely busy schedule, Berry managed to put pen to paper and answer our five questions and a shameless plug.

Dylan, you have worked in the music industry in a number of different capacities; composing, producing, licensing, project management and most recently, Bompopradio radio host. Of all of the different hats you’ve worn throughout the years, which one has been the most satisfying to you and why?

Well, composing the TV network themes is an extremely satisfying process but the Bompopradio show has been the most rewarding so far. Being able to build an amazing network of top talent on every level from superstars to indie emerging artists and to hear their stories is inspiring, humbling and awesome.

You are a big champion of the “Independent artist.” What do you think are some of the advantages of going independent as opposed to being signed to a major label in today’s music industry?

Quite simply. NO RECOUP. You make money from step one. You maintain creative control. You are not tethered to a machine that, at their whim, can stall and starve you out for years. Listen, getting a record deal is like getting a BIG high interest loan that you can likely never pay back for something you can do on your own. Honestly, get a career first (indie), then get support at a discount (marketing, tour, management). Fact - you can record, distribute, podcast, broadcast, market for next to nothing these days. You can find folks to do what labels do if you are put together about it. The other route has a 99% failure rate that is very costly to you.

To me business is nuts and bolts. Its about your investment, their investment, return on investment, cost of participating. When has letting someone else control YOU and your future really worked out for you in the end? Just saying.

What are some of the struggles?

For savvy people who know how to create, manage, market and support their brand, it's easier. For those that struggle with any one of those elements, they stall out and feel helpless. I think the biggest struggle we artists have is finding key people to support our weaknesses. That said, I try to emphasize making my weaknesses my strengths. This takes hard work and sacrifice.

You created and are the host of a weekly two-hour radio program called bompopradio.com. Tell us a little bit about it. What is the basic format of the show and how did you get it started?

We host famous people to expose and support amazing emerging talent. The radio show supports Bompop (Best of Media - POP) a community of top entertainment folks, creators and those coming up, run by and supported by artists with the idea that we are "all in this **** together." I am throwing all I have into that concept as I believe in art and the pursuit of art as a lifestyle as a conduit to happiness.

You have written and produced a number of tracks for different artists. Who are some of your musical influences? Did your parents have a cool record collection?

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was my first record on heavy rotation and a huge inspiration to creativity in my life. I love Hip Hop, Rock and everything in between. My name is Dylan because my mother named me after her two favorite poets Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas. I am inspired by honest music in any form.

Shameless plug time, let it fly ...

Join our familyhood of creators, www.bompopradio.com, hit me up personally on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bompopradio. I will respond. WE ARE ALL IN THIS MUSIC MESS TOGETHER!!!!

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