Spins, Spins and More Spins ...

Did we mention spins? We mean a LOT of Spins.

When you place a song with What’s In-Store Music, we are now able to track it and give you a snapshot of how many plays you are getting ... and it’s a lot.

While we get closer to providing the industry with in-depth charts, here is a random sample of songs we’ve tested :

~ Tre Coast “Don’t Talk to Me” -- 7 day total (during the holiday season): 17,787 plays! ~ Leihoku “Always” -- 10 day total: 89,625 plays. (This isn’t even heavy rotation!) ~ Margo Rey “This Holiday Night” -- 1 month: 634,394 plays! ~ KT Tunstall “Black Horse and The Cherry Tree” -- 7 day total: 67,596 plays! ~ Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” -- 7 day total: 65,235 plays! If placing a song with What’s In-Store Music isn’t a perfect way to compliment your radio and marketing campaign, then we don’t know what is. Want to find out more about how we work or submit your song? Click these buttons ...


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