Ziggy Played Guitar

The shock of David Bowie's passing is unlike anything I have seen on Social Media. Virtually every post is a remembrance of the impact he had on all our lives. I was fortunate to have a friend suggest Bowie to me early on. In a way, Bowie was my Beatles. I was only ten when they hit so at that point of life I just liked the songs. With Bowie, I was older and got to be all in on the music, fashion, and all the excitement of his career. I sought out the UK music mags to flesh out all the stories on him and found all his early recordings before they became insanely priced collector items. My college radio playlists were filled with Bowie and the Ziggy tour at the Tower Theater is still my favorite all time show and Ziggy my favorite album. To say I was thrilled to them get to promote him while working at RCA would be a vast understatement. I was privileged to promote Heroes, Lodger, and Scary Monsters and Super Creeps. I did an insane promotion for a David Bowie listening party at a local Philly club and the club sold out!! I am told that David was so impressed with the details of the promotion he almost came to the event. Oh well!! Like all music fans I am devastated and heartbroken that I will never get to see him live again and that we have lost such a visionary. Thankfully his legacy will always be with us. Thank you David Bowie for making my life better all these years with your amazing music. Five Years indeed!!


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