So Long to Another Legend.

The passing of Glenn Frey hit all music fans hard and especially a member of the What’s In-Store Music extended family. Kosh, the award winning art director who designed our What’s In-Store logo, got his start in the UK working for the Beatles, where his first assignment was to design the legendary Abby Road cover. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Kosh immediately

many of the band's album covers, including the iconic, Hotel California (that’s his script on the cover).

We reached out to a devastated Kosh for his thoughts on Glenn: “Uncle Glenn - I'm having trouble coming to grips with this. There seems that too many great artists have slipped away recently. I was lunching with videographer Jim Shea and his daughter Molly, when my son texted the news. Molly knew Frey as Uncle Glenn. I first met Frey to listen to the play back of the title track of Hotel California. I had the great pleasure to design four of the Eagle's albums. Glenn was particularly appreciative. RIP Uncle Glenn. Such a warm and cool dude.”

~ Kosh

To see the official announcement of Glen's passing, click here.


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