Artist Spotlight: Run River North

Gosh, I love this band. Great songs, excellent musicians, super cool vibe and a fun backstory that goes along with one of their videos -- it's a must watch.

The six-member indie rock band got together just five years ago, but you'd never know it. The band is so cohesive as if they've been playing together forever.

Looking forward to catching them on tour, which starts on the West Coast early March.

Here are their answers to our five questions:

1. The band started out as Monsters Calling Home after a song you wrote. You’re now Run River North. Why the name change?

At the time (and still now :D) Of Monsters and Men were everywhere and just wanted to keep some distance since we were sort of doing the male/female folk rock thing as well. I think it was a good opportunity/exercise for us to let go and not be so precious about something like a band name and see what happens when we have open hands. We figured if we couldn't find anything that we liked we could just stay MCH, but we really felt strongly for RRN.

2. Where does the name Run River North come from?

RRN comes from a couple different places. I wrote the song Run River Run before we had considered a name change and that song is about a friend's family and one of their daughter's name is River. Daniel and I also had a blog that chronicled our LA marathon training and it was called Run Riceboy Run. But mainly, we felt like it was a call to action for us as monsters calling home. We felt like we didn't want to just state that we were monsters but figured we need to move, to grow from that. There's movement in RRN and we felt that our music embodied river dynamics - sometimes peaceful, sometimes bombastic and crashing.

3. Things really took off for you after you shot the “Fight to Keep” video in your car. What gave you the idea, and tell us what transpired from that video.

We got the idea to film and record in our cars honestly because we didn't have the money for recording in a studio. We found the acoustics in the car to work really well and there wasn't really anything else. It just so happened that we all have Hondas and so we figured it would be funny to pretend like we had a sponsorship.

4. Your second album, “Drinking from a Salt Pond” comes out on February 26th. I hear it’s a slightly different sound than your debut album, “Run River North.” How does it differ and is this a new music direction for the band?

Practically speaking, there is almost no acoustic guitar and there isn't a focus on vocal harmonies. It feels really stripped to the basics: drums, guitars, bass, keys and vocals. And for us - we've got amazing violin players so a bit of strings. Our producer Lars Stalfors really wanted to just capture us as the band and not have too many get in the way of our sound. There's a transparency that we've tried to express not only in our sound but in the stories that we're trying to tell with this album.

5. You toured heavily after the release of the first album. Do you have similar plans after the 26th?

Definitely. We've got a 7 week tour right after our album release show in Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom on March 1st. We're going to hit SXSW and 20+ states. Would love to try and make it overseas as well.

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