Artist Spotlight: Skrizzly Adams

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and accomplished producer and musician, Skrizzly Adams just released a new single, "Tipping Point," and like his other projects, IT. IS. AWESOME. Adams' music is anthemic, texturous and infectious. A must-listen for anyone looking for something new and different.

Here's Skrizzly Adams' answers to our Five Questions and a Shameless Plug ...

1. You just wrapped up a string of dates with Elle King. What were some of the highlights of the tour?

There were so many amazing moments from the tour, but getting to meet so many different people every night was the biggest highlight. After my set, I'd get off stage, walk through the crowd, and set up shop at the merch table where I got to hear so many people's stories and share my own. Getting to connect with so many people one on one is what really did it for me.

2. “Tipping Point” is shaping up to be your “tipping point.” What great things have you got planned this year?

I'm heading back out on the road in March and April and will likely be releasing some new music before then.

3. Your music incorporates many genres – pop, rock, Americana, hip-hop and electronica -- giving you a sound of your own. How did you find your musical style?

When I originally started finding my sound I was really just trying to make the music I wanted to hear. I wasn't so much trying to do something progressive or different; it all just made sense to my ears, so I trusted it.

4. Social media has been a driving force in getting your music out there. What tips do you have for other artists looking to gain traction through digital platforms?

When it comes to social media, every interaction matters, so I'd definitely encourage other artists to engage with other people on social media and just get themselves out there.

5. When you’re not making or playing music, how do you spend your down time?

When I'm not making music, I spend my time driving. I'm a total driving addict. The road is where I find so much of my inspiration, so it all makes sense.

And finally … time for your shameless plug:

Tipping Point out now! Get it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify and Apple Music, lots of shows and new music to come in 2016!

Learn more about Skrizzly Adams:







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