Want to maximize song impressions at retail? Keep it f**King clean people!

When one walks into a store or restaurant, unlike in a car where you can switch a station, you aren't in control of the music you are hearing. The average consumer doesn't want to walk into a place of business with their small child and hear suggestive or inappropriate lyrics. In fact it isn't uncommon for stores and restaurants to receive complaints about lyrics the same way radio stations do.

Let's be clear, all places of business are not created equal when it comes to playing music. What's In-Store Music can and has placed plenty of songs with suggestive lyrics and more alternative leaning themes. In fact we not only cater to places that play Alt. and harder leaning songs, we have a wide range of clients with a variety of tastes including but not limited to Country, Jazz, Urban, Gospel, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Coffee House, Hot AC, Indie AC as well as Top 40, and more recently, Children's Programming. When submitting your music, try to think of it in terms of a movie rating system; G, PG, R and so on. When trying to reach the largest possible audience you can, the best way to do that is to send us your G rated version of the song. When releasing a song to radio, if you have to include a "Clean Version," THAT is the one you will want to submit with us.


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