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Build Your Foundation

When building a house you start with a solid foundation. The same holds true when promoting and building your priority music. The days of any sort of “shortcut” to success are long gone. Programmers need to “see something.” They need to see compelling stories, statistics, label commitment, a game plan. Simply put, they need to see a strong foundation. Partnering with What’s In-Store Music is a perfect way to help build the story, the buzz, the foundation that every project needs. Through our weekly music meetings with our retail radio partners we are able to lay out your priority music and game plan. Since retail programmers aren’t restricted by conventional charts, we are able to inform them early, what’s coming, what your priorities are and when you are impacting. They in turn are able to program a song accordingly. Placing a song with WISM in advance of your impact date will add a significant talking point to your set-up. “100,000 streams on Spotify, 1,000,000 views on YouTube, top 10 Shazam in Baltimore, and DC, 500,044 impressions at retail.” WISM’s proprietary data gathering system can give you an accurate number of impressions nationwide that your priority music receives before you every get your first spin at radio. WISM information is valuable throughout the entire promotional process while building your story. We are more than happy to help you out at any point along the way, but again, whether you are building a house or building an artist’s career, it’s all about the foundation. Let What’s In-Store Music help you with that foundation!

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