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What’s In-Store Music Independent Artist Success Story-UPDATE


Last week we shared a What’s In-Store Music indie success story with you. This week, the story continues. Jeremy Buck and his single “Turn My Ship Around” who two weeks ago had 27,746 impressions at retail, just received a well-deserved promotion and category jump. “Turn My Ship Around” is now enjoying 67,055 impressions a week! Not too shabby for an Independent artist! What are you waiting for? This kind of success story could be yours when you place a song with What's In-Store Music.


In a world of ever tightening radio playlists, fierce competition for attention on-line and the cost of “doing business,” it’s a wonder Independent artists can gain any traction at all. Luckily, What’s In-Store Music provides independent acts an effective and affordable way to combat all of that. Last November, independent artist, Jeremy Buck approached WISM with his single “Turn My Ship Around.” The only exposure he was getting at the time was from the video posted on his Facebook page. We were able to successfully get the song placed at retail back on 11/13/15. A recent snapshot report of the song showed Jeremy received over 67,055 impressions in a ten day period. Jeremy reports that his Shazam hits are now over 6,500!!! His video is closing in on 12 million views and the added exposure has resulted in a bigger profile as well as several major show opportunities. We here at WISM could not be more thrilled that the tremendous exposure at retail has played such significant role in Jeremy’s overall game plan to promote his music.


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