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What’s In-Store Impressions at a glance.

Since What’s In-Store Music hung our shingle out six months ago, our mantra has been, “it’s all about impressions.” We have been telling you we are getting closer to producing full scale, format and geographical charts. While we move closer to that goal we wanted to share with you some raw numbers of impressions a few of our clients recently received at several different formats. These plays are over a SEVEN-day period between 2/3 and 2/10. BTW, all day time impressions, no overnight plays. These songs are playing during the working and shopping day when your listeners are out and about, not in bed asleep. Leihoku “Always” 89,373 Natalie Grant “Be One” 67,437 Bronze Radio Return “Light Me Up” 61,667 XO-IQ “Walk That Walk” 50,024 Artists that are just getting going and gaining momentum: Run River North “Run or Hide” 16,383 Don’t Believe in Ghosts “Nothing I Can Do …” 16,383 Tryon “Somebody…” 14,184 Skrizzly Adams “Tipping Point” 11,578 This is just a small sample. We can get songs placed in several different genres: Top 40, Dance, Hot AC, AC, Country, Jazz, AAA and many, many more. Want to submit a track? Click here to submit.

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