Artist Spotlight: Paul Loren

New York crooner, Paul Loren, blends soul, pop and R&B with such finesse! Great music and a style to match. A new favorite of mine and an outstanding soundtrack while traversing the Avenues of Manhattan.

Here are his answers to WISM's Five Questions and a Shameless Plug:

1. Your style of music obviously has a nostalgic feel. Do you find your audience is comprised of the older generation or are you appealing to the youngsters as well?

When I look out at an audience, it’s nice to see folks from all generations there—young and old alike! We tend to get a good mix of listeners.

2. Who were our musical inspirations from that era? Do you have other inspirations outside that era?

I gravitate toward the pop music of the late ‘50s/early ‘60s—artists like Sam Cooke, Frankie Valli, the early songs of Carole King. But my ears are open to all sounds. If the song is good and it moves me, it doesn’t matter if it’s 60 years-old or contemporary! Modern pop radio is also a fun guilty pleasure.

3. Your videos are compelling and fun. Who comes up with the video treatments?

Thank you! I’ll usually begin with the seed of the idea, and then hand it off to someone extremely talented like my director friend A.J. Ingoglia. Having a collaborative atmosphere and funny people around always helps make content compelling!

4. Your branding is spot on. Do you have a huge team behind you or are you a marketing genius?

Thanks again! Well, I’m lucky enough to have a great team in my manager Dan Pearson and production partner Evan Duby. Most good ideas will circulate first within the team before we send them on their way into the world.

5. I can only imagine how fun your live shows must be. Where do you typically play out and what’s the show like?

I have the best time performing live! We play a bunch in New York City with a big 9 or 10-piece band (“The One-Night Only Band”); but I’ve been lucky enough to hit the road in the last year—to Memphis, Las Vegas, Portland and Nashville—sometimes solo, sometimes with a 4 or 5-piece. I like to structure the live shows like a story, with their dynamic arc tailored to each venue, audience or evening. Every show is a little different, and hopefully the audience should leave feeling like they saw something new—something that made them move.

Floor’s yours. Time for your shameless plug ...

Oooh! My single, “All By Myself” is available on iTunes—go to to learn more!

Learn more about Paul Loren:








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