Farewell, Our Friend.

What’s In-Store Music shares in the great sorrow that our whole industry feels at the loss of Ric Lippincott after a valiant battle with cancer.

I first met Ric back when he programmed the mighty WLS in Chicago. I was new to the national world and this was my introductory visit. To say I was a bit nervous would be an understatement. This was a station and programmer with huge clout! All I can say is that Ric put me at ease right away and for a man in his position, was as humble as could be.

I followed Ric’s career from radio to records to pilot to Chicago Title. I reached out to Ric a couple of years back. I wanted to see how he made the transition out of music into his new career. He was so generous with his time and walked me through the process of how he did it. For those who know, leaving behind a career to start a new one is no easy task. Not only did Ric do it, he was a star in his new profession as well. Thanks to Facebook, I could see that he and his family were enjoying life to the fullest here in the Valley. If you go to his Facebook page you will see the outpouring of love for this man.

In his honor, take a moment with the one you love and think of Ric ... this very special man taken from us too soon. ~ Bob Catania


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