Retail Radio Listeners Lives Matter

At WISM our mantra has always been “it’s all about impressions.” We can’t say it enough. Everyone who works in promotion agrees, it’s all about impressions. Radio, Streaming, Licensing, Television, In-store play, they ALL matter. They are all parts of a big promotional and marketing puzzle that is required to break through to the buying public. It’s simple, the more impressions your song gets, the more opportunities it has to sink in.

What’s In-Store Music is an affordable part of your overall promotion and marketing plan. Just ask Steven Nathan, lead singer of Don’t Believe in Ghosts and What’s In-Store Music Client who received more than 22,000 in-store plays just this week!

“Working with What's In-Store Music has been a huge boost to the launching of this campaign. Their follow through and work ethic have been inspiring!”

~Steven Nathan


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