Artist Spotlight: Isac Elliot

Isac Elliot is a household name in his home country of Finland. In fact, the 15-year-old pop artist is a superstar across all of Scandinavia. Soon American listeners will be in for a real treat as his single, "No One Else" rolls out to radio and in-store programming.

Here are Isac's "Five Questions and a Shameless Plug" ...

1. You’ve had great success in the Nordic region and now you’re about to take the U.S. by storm. What have you done (or are you doing) in preparation?

Right now, I am working on my next album that will be the first world wide release. Its super exciting as I do think I am ready to take the next step now. I got signed when I was 11 and released my first single when I was 12, so needless to say I probably wouldn't have been ready for a worldwide rollout back then. I just knew I loved music and I was super lucky to get a song of my own out, picked up by radios in the Nordics and then I got to go on tour. It was kinda like getting thrown into the deep end and trying to get to the other side. I had a blast back then as well but still I think I have learned so much under the last three years about touring, working in the studio, speaking to press and meeting fans. More than anything, I am just grateful that these past few years have prepared me for where I am now and what the next phase of my career might bring.

So right now I feel confident. I have a great live show with my band and dancers and an amazing team. I am having more fun than ever and I think that is the most important thing because that is why I started singing in the first place. Cause it was fun.

2. You do a lot of outreach with your fans. Tell us about something you’ve done recently to connect with them.

The fans are so important to me. I can always trust they've got my back. They also support each other which is a super nice to see. It always feels amazing to hear and read about fans finding new friends through my music and feeling they belong somewhere, to a group, to a community. I try to give back to fans as much as I can. I answer them on social media, have surprise Skype calls and jump in on their Periscope sessions.

I also went on a small date with one fan in Oslo, Norway which was arranged through a competition linked to a show.

This week I will do a show in Estonia and it sold out quite quick so now we are inviting fans to the soundcheck where we also have them come up to see the stage and the backstage.

I try to come up with new and exciting things to surprise them with cause they are amazing. If it weren't for my fans supporting me, I honestly wouldn't be able to do what I love. So for me, it's a big priority to be able to connect with them. I want them to know the support is a 2-way street.

3. Your social media activity is crazy. Do you find yourself locked to your screens 24/7?

I do. It is super addictive. Sometimes I have to hand in my phone to my parents cause I feel all I do is look at the socials. I love to do it and to connect with my fans but it can certainly be a distraction too. I think there is something to be said about taking in and enjoying your surroundings. Living in the moment is something I think most people struggle to do at times.

4. Your current single, “No One Else” is blowing up! It debuted at #2 on the iTunes charts in Finland and Norway, and is being played a ton on SiriusXM’s Venus channel. What’s the story behind the “Hot Chocolate version?”

Well we just wanted to put out a small, light video of the song before the real video comes out. I remembered James Blunt's video "Your Beautiful" and talked to my label and said it would be fun to do a video in one take and have a moody end.

We just went to a café to talk it over and actually ended up shooting the video in that same cafeteria that same day. It is done with just a regular everyday camera and we did two takes. The one on Youtube is the first one.

I have a very cool official video to the song coming out on March 9th. It is totally different from the Hot Chocolate version which was just a bit of a placeholder. This one is much more elaborate and was super fun to make.

5. You’ve worked with some pretty heavy hitters in the music industry like Anne Preven (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato), Marty James (Jason Derulo), Jesse Shatkin (Kelly Clarkson Katy Perry) and Jason Evigan (Nick Jonas, Pitbull). What have you learned from them and how have they affected you as an artist?

I have been lucky because I have now gotten to work with a lot of big songwriters and producers for my upcoming album. I was a bit nervous at first because of all the great artists they have worked with and here I come, a 15-year-old singer from Finland.

But I have learned so much and they have been able to push me in the studio and have me sing in ways I have never sung before. The new techniques I've picked up from being around them are so invaluable to my career so it's all been pretty humbling. And although they have had massive success they are all so super nice, down to earth and make me feel comfortable and confident about my singing.

Shameless Plug Time: What would you like our readers to know?

Well hopefully your readers didn't skip down to this part, so they already know I have a new video for "No One Else" about to come out! LOL. But other than that, I plan on doing a lot of work in America this year so hopefully they check out my music, they remember my name, and eventually see me at a show. I'm also hoping to have my album out by summer time which of course will come with more singles.

I've been super fortunate so far to work with a lot of great people, I've opened up for artists like One Direction in stadiums and have had sold out shows of my own in arenas throughout Scandinavia. But I also have a lot to learn and a lot of living to do which I'm sure will come through in my music in the future. All of this makes me super excited about the future. So hopefully, I'll have a few of your readers along for the ride :)

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