Artist Spotlight: High Dive Heart

High Dive Heart is a new duo featuring husband and wife team Jason Reeves and Danelle "Nelly" Leverett, both accomplished songwriters and musicians who had separate, successful musical careers. They write and perform awesome, catchy pop songs and are hands down ....

The. Cutest. Couple. Ever.

High Dive Heart is currently promoting their single, "Vintage," a hooky tune that is sure to turn up all over TV, radio and of course, in a retail store near you.

Check out their video for "Vintage" below and you'll be sure to love them "more today than you did yesterday."

Here are their "5 Questions & a Shameless Plug:"

How did you two meet? And was it obvious that you’d eventually become a duo?

Nelly: We met through a songwriting session in Nashville, TN. It was definitely magic and undeniable chemistry immediately. We had an obvious connection as songwriters which lead to us writing together non stop for both of our separate projects! At the time, we had no idea our music making would turn into a duo together. I was in a duo called “the JaneDear girls” on Warner Brothers and Jason was writing for his solo pop album also on Warner Brothers.

You both have had successful, separate careers as writers and performers. How have those chapters in your lives prepared you for this next journey?

Jason: I’ve been extremely honored to have success as a songwriter. When I met Colbie Caillat neither of us had ever co-written songs before and we kind of stumbled into it by a direction of the universe unknown to us. Being able to collaborate with her and many other artists over the years has taught me a lot about getting outside of yourself and letting people help you in every sense of life, not just creating. Everything is a lesson and the more time you spend getting inspired by them or beaten down by them, the more you learn. Music is an abstract intangible art form and is so mysterious and unpredictable that you have to in some ways become a bull rider or magicians assistant. All I know is that the longer you make music the more incredible musicians you meet and learn things from. I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to have worked with many extraordinary spirits and I’m excited to expand upon that with this project. Besides all this mystical language, the one tangible word I have repeatedly had to learn and relearn is “patience.” Also, the consistent desire to give up in the face of immense difficulty and the unknown will to overcome that is something I will always be attempting to master, or better yet wrangle.

Nelly: I am so grateful for the experience of the JaneDear girls and all the beautiful lessons and experiences I gained in that time of my life. The opportunities we were blessed with were once in a lifetime. We opened for Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton on sold out arena tours. It was an honor to debut our album on Jimmy Kimmel, play the CMT awards, open the CMA Festival for 50,000 people at LP Field, be on “Heart Of Dixie” and walk the red carpet as ACM nominees. The only way to learn how to excel in these situations is by doing them. Live TV and red carpets are scary at first, but the more you practice the easier and more fun they get! I tried be a “sponge” and soak up all the knowledge I could from working with brilliant people like John Rich, Scott Hendricks and John Esposito. The greatest lesson I learned while at Warner Brothers is that if you work hard and surround yourself with a powerful dream team that believes, success can happen :)

Your radio promo tour video was outstanding! What were some of the highlights visiting radio and what did you take away from it?

The most exciting part about this radio promo tour was that we got the luxury of doing “what we love with who we love!” We’ve both done radio tours before, so our goal was to match a “special” radio tour experience for a “special” song, "Vintage." “Vintage” is a unique song that was birthed by the sounds of an old hasselblad camera, a spray bottle, a dog bowl and other obscure objects. I believe our new friends at radio had a blast reenacting our music video! Our thoughts were, “why do the normal “show up and play music, take photos and then wave goodbye” when you can make each station visit a memorable dance party? We dance to celebrate all of life’s victories both in music and out. Love or hate High Dive Heart, I do believe each station will always remember the unique experience and energy we brought into their stations.

Your single, “Vintage” was featured on the Today show recently. It’s the perfect song for media placement. Do you find that this type of exposure helps build the story?

We have been overwhelmed by the organic exposure “Vintage” continues to get. We do not have a PR team that has been helping land these placements. Both The Today Show & CNBC bumpers happened organically as a result of “Vintage” going viral online. Also, Coca-cola recently shared our music video on Twitter, as well as added our EP to the Coca-Cola Playlist AND named us the “artist of the week.” It’s been so encouraging to gain new fans through TV and online exposure. It’s a game changer. It really does help get our name out there since we are a new duo.

When you’re not writing and playing music, how do you spend your time?

We love the outdoors and try to hike in beautiful scenery as much as possible. We also love cooking creative and healthy food together. Jason is an expert chopper and recipe creator and I usually do the rest! Bella, our four-year-old Boston Terrier rescue is absolutely hilarious and keeps us entertained all day, every day. She loves to play fetch and tries to talk when she wants something. We really enjoy having a home that is open to all of our beautiful friends at all times. Food is our love language so we try to cook for friends as much as possible. Jason is obsessed with photography and an incredible painter/artist. Our house is always filled with art, either music or visual.

Shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know?

We want everybody to know this is just the beginning of our extravagant adventure together and we can’t wait to see what’s coming around the bends! We’re recording so much music and getting a full album ready to follow our debut EP and the process has been wildly uplifting on a creative level. All of our music comes from our love and our goal is to inspire people not to give up on the idea of love in this world that seems to be in some ways falling away from it.

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