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Artist Spotlight: Two Friends

Two nice guys making really awesome music. That is Two Friends, a dance duo out of Los Angeles and new What's In-Store Music client. We caught up with the guys, whose career has soared ... and we couldn't be happier for these Two Friends.

Here are their Five Questions and a Shameless Plug:

Tell us how Two Friends came to be. It started when you guys were in high school correct?

We were best friends throughout middle and high school but never did music together or anything. By the end of high school (in Los Angeles), Eli was starting to get into the mashup scene, and Matt played guitar and was in the school choir. Second semester of senior year we were all pretty restless and wanted to find something to do. DJing and music production were what we decided should fill that void. Every day during English class, we would brainstorm names, eventually settling on Two Friends. This was all before we even owned a production software haha.

You’ve had quite the surge of success since then with Spotify and SoundCloud views exceeding 17 million and eleven #1’s on Hype Machine. How does it feel to be one of the biggest dance acts coming out of the U.S?

There’s so much talent coming out of the U.S. right now- some kids are like 15 years old and are absolutely killing it. We’ve just been super stoked to see our fan-base grow and react so positively to all the new music we’ve been putting out. We’re so excited for the future- more touring, more originals, more content -- gonna be a fun ride.

You’re known for your viral remixes, but you also write and produce your own music. Your single, “Forever” featuring the vocals of ktpearl, is the first of many originals to come. How was the writing/recording/producing process and will we see an EP or LP in the near future?

For ‘Forever’ the creative process was a bit different than usual. It was pretty much totally written over three years ago, but we waited about two years before diving in on the production side. We wanted to wait until we thought our production skill caught up to our creative mindsets. We do love writing, probably even more than producing; there will be so many more originals coming.

You’re currently doing the college circuit. Which is your favorite university town and why?

Each college has its own vibe. It’s always super fun going near our own alma maters, Stanford and Vanderbilt. But with that said, we love going new places and exploring new towns. Hard to pick a true favorite.

I know it’s “friends first,” but do you two ever get on each other’s nerves?

Somehow, almost never. We usually have very similar goals -- making the best songs and decisions possible. When one of us disagrees with the other, we realize that it is probably with those goals in mind so we’re good at compromising on creative and strategical decisions. As I write this, though, Eli is pissed at me because I made us Spinach pizza instead of BBQ Chicken pizza for lunch.

Shameless Plug time: What do you want our readers to know?

We’re Two Friends out of Los Angeles, we’re just fun dudes making music, being weird and funny on social media, and having a blast while doing it all. Our new single ‘Forever’ is out now -- check it on Spotify, iTunes, Shazam it. It’s everywhere. And make sure to stay tuned for soooooo much more music coming in the very near future!

Learn more about Two Friends:








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