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Spring Sales Make For More In-store Listeners

Have you checked your mail yet today? There’s the Visa bill, the car insurance bill, the DWP bill, all the usual suspects. Look a little closer. What are they all wrapped in? Flyers for spring sales, everywhere you look, sale, sale, sale. Spring into Summer with Ace Hardware, The Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald's, get rid of that old cellular plan and move over to SPRINT. Pool season is almost upon us, get all your summer supplies at Leslie’s Pools. What do all these vastly different business have in common? They all play in-store music, along with just about every other retail outlet in America! Spring time is one of the BEST times to have your priority music front and center where your target audience is. More people Shazam songs while in restaurants and in retail stores than any other places. That’s where you do it, right? WISM can help you get your priority music where your audience is listening with a multitude of formats to choose from. Recent clients include, The Marshall Tucker Band, Graham Nash, Herb Alpert, Coast Modern and many, more including our newest client, American Idol winner Kris Allen. Just take a look at the impressions WISM clients enjoyed last week at retail ... not in the overnights, but during the day when people were out: Alessia Cara: 75,375 Tryon: 73,222 High Dive Heart: 72, 884 Don’t Believe In Ghosts: 25,681 Isn’t it time you take advantage of this service and got your priority music out where your target audience lives?

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