Artist Spotlight: Kris Allen

With the final episode of American Idol fast approaching, it was only fitting for us to chat with a former winner. So much has happened since Kris Allen took the crown, in both his personal and professional life. His story is nothing short of inspirational.

How did your life change immediately after American Idol, and how is it different now, seven years later?

When you are on the show you really are not knowing what's going on the outside world according to people's perception of you. They feel like they know you now. You've kinda been living your life in front of millions people. So when I got off the show immediately there was this shock of, "What just happened?" Not because I won the show, but because of the recognition.

I think now when I look back on the show and what it's done for me I think that it did exactly what I wanted it to. I seriously never thought I'd be doing this as living. Living in Nashville. Making music. Going on the road. It's been a great seven years being a part of the music industry and finding my own niche since the show.

You were in a serious car accident a few years ago that jeopardized your ability to play the guitar. What was your recovery like and how did that experience affect you as an artist?

Right after the accident/surgery I went on the road for a couple months so I was recovering on the road. Doing physical therapy at different places in the cities we would play. Doing shows in a huge cast and the shows were really the only time I left my bunk. When I got the feeling back in fingers, I really just played guitar a bunch while I was in my cast. Playing with my fingers because that's all I had. I think I played guitar more in that year than I ever have. Really just adopting a new way to play.

Congratulations on your fourth album Letting You In. What inspired your songwriting for this project?

I think just the thought of being really honest was the main inspiration for this crop of songs. I didn't know exactly what that would yield but I wanted to exercise that more. I can get a little caught up in the idea of what do other people want to hear. I think this time I just decided that people just want to hear honest songs. I know that's what I am attracted to in a songwriter.

“Waves,” is certainly a standout single. What’s the story behind this song?

The inspiration comes from my relationship. This idea that opposites not only attract but they can make each other better. It may not always be pretty but it works.

We hear you are participating in the American Idol finale on April 7. Can you let us in on what you’ll be going?

I will be back at the Idol finale. I know for sure I will be performing but don't know if I can tell you exactly what I'm doing. I think if I were to tell you they may kill me. Ok, probably not. But maybe. It's going to be a fun night.

Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know?

I'm excited to get on the road and play the new songs! It's nice to have a bunch of material to choose from and I really think it's going to make for a better show.

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