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What’s In-Store Music ... The New Record Store Clerk!

The music business has always been driven by the most passionate of music fans ... and for most of us, that was the disc jockey. We listened to radio to hear what the disc jockey was going to play. The DJ was the curator of new music for us. The DJ was the mysterious person on the airwaves with access to all the new music and the artists. Over time, physical retail stores became the second leg in the music process. You went to the store to buy your music. The station playlist was often there as a guide but a new curator emerged, the record store clerk! The great stores had great clerks who knew the music and could tell you what was the new happening song or artist. The rise of those clerks led to in-store play! These clerks were able to “program” music in their stores to let the customers know what was new and hot! Here at What’s in Store Music we know you’ve all have had that experience of hearing something in the store and being compelled to buy it. Fast forward to today, the digital age, where the consumer is his or her own gatekeeper. Record stores are becoming a thing of the past. Major retailers in this new environment have adopted the formula of the “store clerk” and have moved from background music to a more forward thinking approach making in-store play more viable and valuable than ever. With apps that now listen to music and send you right to a purchase link, the connection between store play and purchase has never been closer. What’s In-Store Music is the NEW record store clerk. We make sure your priority music gets to the programmer who makes it happen and then ensure the most exposure possible for your song. The industry may have changed, but the basic concept of impressions has not. What’s In-Store Music can help you reach today’s listener and be a big part of your overall campaign. Submit your music today.


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