Artist Spotlight: AC Thomas

Brothers Austin and Chad make up the band, AC Thomas whose single, "Sweet Tea" has been getting serious traction at our country-formatted retail stores. The guys are switching it up in the country music scene by adding their own touch to their songs, while staying true to their country roots.

1. Your music is described as “Country Slang.” Can you elaborate on this genre?

Chad: Country slang is how we like to describe our music because our roots are bedded deep in Alabama so genuinely our music has that southern country edge we just mix it with a little something extra to make it our own.

2. Chad is country, while Austin is more hip-hop. Have you always had different styles? Is there a childhood memory that illustrates this?

Austin: Chad is so versatile when it comes to singing. His voice sounds good in any genre as he's proved it time again. I try to just have my own style and comfortably fit "rap" into country without ever over doing anything and staying topical. In high school Chad was in the band and I played football. Obviously country music was big where we were from as Chad was also big in punk/rock where I listened to a lot of rap. I wouldn't say we're opposites I would say we complement each other and fill each other's void.

3. What’s it like working together? As brothers, does the sibling rivalry ever surface?

Austin: Being able to do what I've always wanted to do alongside my brother is beyond anything I could've ever asked for. I know no matter the situation he's got my back and that takes so much pressure off. I think we might disagree at times but together we're a team so the rivalry comes out with the competition in the music business. Two heads are always better than one.

4. Country fans are some of the best and most supportive fans out there. How do you show your appreciation and how do you stay connected with them?

Chad: Country fans are without a doubt some of, if not the most supportive fans in the world of music. The love for the music is so genuine and pure that the fans keep the songs alive in rotation a lot longer than any other genre out there. Country songs just seem to age like fine wine. We show our appreciation by staying true to where we are from and creating songs that we think people will truly be able to relate to. We stay connected through social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and our personal website where a link will take you to all of the sites.

5. You’re releasing an album this Fall. What can you tell us about it?

Chad: This album is a product of literal blood, sweat, and tears through the years of constant balled up projects and re try's trying to perfect the sound we were pushing for. This sound is unlike anything you've ever heard as the mix is a blend of multiple genres combined all into one. We tried not to stick to any guidelines and literally just create music that satisfied our taste.

Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Austin: We believe in a thing we like to call music equality. This is where we don't try to classify or group songs in a particular genre rather understand that a good song is simply that. People tend to become single minded by choosing one particular genre and shunning out the others not realizing all music stems from each other. We love the art of music and everything it has to offer.

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