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MAX, AKA Max Schneider, is no newbie to the entertainment industry. He's been in the spotlight his entire life including on Broadway, in TV shows and feature films ... even an international ad campaign arm-in-arm with Madonna. The New Yorker has recently released a new album, "Hell's Kitchen Angel," and his single, "Basement Party" is gaining serious traction including in-store garnering thousands of impressions.

You have been performing professionally pretty much all your life. Give us a brief history on how you got started in the business.

Well I started doing shows when I was five-years-old and just sort of never stopped. I did my first Broadway show at 16 in a show called 13, I did some TV gigs like Law & Order SVU, some Nickelodeon stuff and a few movies, all the while I was writing and performing my own music. I’ve been lucky to have been able to do what I love for so long.

Congrats on your new album, “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” and its early success --which includes the single “Basement Party” being played in-stores across the country. What was your launch week like? I heard it was pretty insane.

Thank you. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I did a bunch of different gigs, some free listening parties for fans, and ended it by being in my favorite show, "Fuerzabruta," which is this amazing dance, circus, drumming interactive show. It was really incredible.

How will you be promoting your new album? Got anything exciting lined up?

Yeah been doing a lot of gigs, TV and free shows for fans and stuff. I’m really excited because next up we're doing is his "Basement Party Tour" where we're actually going to be playing these gigs and throwing parties in people's basements across the country to bring the song to life in a real way. I’m very excited for that.

Tough question. If you had to choose … acting or music?

Easy, Music.

You grew up in Hell’s Kitchen. What’s the top three spots a visitor must experience in your ‘hood?

Amy's Bread, Room Service Thai restaurant, and it's a bit outside of my neighborhood but the Highline is one of the most magical places in New York in my opinion.

Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Listen to my debut album "Hells Kitchen Angel." It's on iTunes and Spotify. Download it legally … illegally … I don't care just as long as people are listening.

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