Hello, Summer!

Well it’s official, summer has arrived and with it, vacation season for many. Time to get out of the office! Music is everywhere and thanks to WISM, YOUR priority music can be everywhere. Planning on spending some quality time in the backyard and need some floaties for the pool? With more than 600 locations in 35 states, Leslie's Pools is the place to go, while you’re in there, enjoy the AAA/Indie AC format, on which we get our clients' songs placed. Grabbing some SUBWAY to take to the beach, park, concert, party? Our songs (AKA your priority songs) are being placed in thousands of locations across the country. Is it time to get your phone upgraded? Who’s your carrier? Verizon, Sprint, Boost, Cricket Wireless, AT&T or T-Mobile? Take your pick, our songs are getting placed in all of those locations too. Malls, hotels, casinos, big box stores, restaurants, grocery stores, fast food places, car dealers, office supply stores, mattress stores ... we are everywhere, which means your priority music could be everywhere too! Ready to join the party this summer? Submit your music and we will handle the rest.


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