Hey Indie Artists ... We’re here for you!

Let’s be brutally honest. You’re an indie, you don’t have deep pockets. You’re working your record yourself. Unless you have a KILLER song, a big budget, an opening slot on a big tour and A LOT of LUCK, the odds of you breaking though in the competitive radio arena are slim to none. Expensive? Unbelievably frustrating? You bet. Fair? Well, life’s not fair. But you know what is fair? The opportunity to have your music heard when you submit a track with What’s In-Store Music. We can get your song placed right alongside the biggest names in the music business in cities your radio team will never be able to reach unless all of the above mentioned scenarios work out for you. Imagine, thousands of impressions each week, all across the country. Thousands of opportunities for your song to be heard and discovered. Look at our client list and learn what countless artists before you have learned. There really is no other avenue quite like in-store play.


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