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Remember the “good old days” of the record business when you got your chart numbers from Billboard, Record World, and Cashbox and that was your story? The industry changed and evolved and along came reports from Soundscan, Mediabase, BDS and other information that was based on actual performance of your product. Now, it’s a whole new world. The trade ads of today talk about Shazam, Spotify and iTunes. Thanks to many of our clients, What’s In-Store Music is now becoming a logo you see in those ads. Our clients are seeing the value of letting radio know that through What’s In-Store Music, their product is getting massive exposure across a national platform of retail stores. These are vital impressions that can alert the listener to a new song or help build the familiarity. Either way, this exposure can be a valuable part of your game plan. Our motto is that it’s “All about impressions," so adding What’s In-Store Music to your story makes total sense (and by the way, we have a really cool logo for those ads!). Simply click here to submit your music and we will handle the rest.

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