Artist Spotlight: Airy Jeanine

Airy Jeanine is no ordinary teen. She's focused on her music and acting career with little time for what typical teens do. But she keeps everything in perspective knows the pay-off will be well worth it.

You’ve been performing since you were a little girl. Was there a specific incident that made you realize you wanted to make music your career?

There were many moments when I realized I wanted to make music my career. I joined the school band in the 5th grade, but it was probably when I was in the 7th grade that I thought about being in music professionally. Whenever I was doing any kind of performance, whether it was in school then, or especially now, I love the feeling of performing and being under the lights, and want to do this everyday for the rest of my life.

You’ve been busy promoting your single, "Do You," which is being played at retail across the country. Are you able to squeeze in time to do “teenager” things like hang out with friends?

Sure, but mostly on weekends. Because of school, during the week I normally don't go out much, I study a lot, and then practice my music. Now, with summer activities starting up, my friends and I love to either have bon fires or pool parties.

Tell us about your TV Pilot, “Airy Jeanine and Friends.” What’s the show about and what’s the message you are conveying to your young audience?

" Airy Jeanine and Friends" is a comedy about an extroverted famous teen Pop singer. I play the main character, Airy Jeanine, who is given the opportunity to get the starring role in a movie. But, later finds out that the director did not approve of a “singer” wanting to be an actress. So, I go about trying to find ways to make him happy, and respect my talent at the same time. With the help of my friends and close cousin, I am able to stand up to the director and set my place. What I want people to take away from this is that you should not have to be a people pleaser and change who you are as a person to make someone else happy. It’s important that you should love, and be yourself, and if a person cannot accept that then, it’s their problem, not yours.

In addition to music and acting, you’ve also authored a children’s book. Is the book out yet and if so, where can we find it?

Yes, the book is out, It’s called “This Is Me.” You can find it at Barnes & Noble,, among many other retailers.

Despite your busy schedule, you manage to give back to the community. What organizations are you involved with?

At the moment, I am involved with Relay for Life, and Sound Affects. Giving back to the community and helping organizations that conduct cancer research are very important to me, and so I do what I can to help the causes.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

All in all, outside of entertainment, I’m interested in video game development. I find it very interesting how games can be like simulators for teens and kids. I also like architecture. I love designing and buildings. On the personal side, I am shy in real life, but on stage, I can open up and just be myself.

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