Go ahead, laugh if you want to …

The thermometer outside is in triple digits, the pool is finally warm enough to jump in to, you’re stocking up on groceries for this weekend’s 4th of July Celebration. Why on earth would you be thinking about holiday music now? It’s time to, that’s why. Artists are in the studio right now going over the charts to start recording their holiday releases and as our retail radio partners have said to us on more than a few occasions, “We are always preparing for the holidays, the sooner we can get the music the better.”

WISM client Margo Rey received more than 536,000 in-store impressions between 12/1/15 and 1/1/16! Does the idea of getting hundreds of thousands impressions in the month of December interest you? You’re not going to get that at traditional radio. The only place you will get those kind of impressions is where it matters, in the stores where your audience is. So you can go ahead and laugh at us for talking about the holidays in 100 degree weather, but believe it or not, space is filling up. Reach out to Scott Emerson at Scott@whatsin-storemusic.com or Bob Catania at bob@whatsin-storemusci.com and reserve your slot today…then go jump in the pool and enjoy the summer!


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