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Artist Spotlight: ATLE

He might not be a household name in the U.S. yet ... but Atle Pettersen (ATLE) is ready to turn that around quickly. In his homeland of Norway, ATLE is a very well known entertainer, TV personality and host. His single, "Ready to Love" is a WISM favorite and we're guessing it's only a matter of time until he hits it big here too!

1. You’re kind of a big deal in your home country, Norway, and all over Scandinavia ;) What’s it like starting anew and launching your career in America? It' really exciting, it's always been one of my biggest dreams to make it in America. It's kinda scary too, because the market is a million times bigger than what I'm used to in Norway. But I am certain that with patience and hard work I can make it!

2. You grew up listening to American music. What were your favorite bands and is your music today a reflection of what you were listening to early on? I grew up in the '90s so I have to say Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC on the pop side, but I also have a big passion for rock music so of course Nirvana. Nevermind had front row tickets in my CD player when I was a kid! When JT went solo, he became on of my biggest heros! I guess you can hear some of that music reflecting in my sound, that '90s pop R&B vibe wrapped in 2016 silk. 3. You competed in the Norwegian version of The X Factor. What was the end result and what did you take away from that entire experience? I was the runner up, and it was an awesome experience! I learned a lot about the business, but the most Important thing I learned was that nobody's gonna do the job for you! And that is what I've lived by ever since. 4. While working on your current album, you were quite prolific, and wrote about 40 songs. How did you choose which songs to include on the album? I haven't chosen all the songs yet. I'm a perfectionist and I still feel that there's something missing. But when it comes to choosing the songs I need to feel it and maybe consider a record label opinion. 5. What has surprised you most, or something that you didn’t expect about America since coming here? Well, I knew America was big, but now I know it's BIG! And I love how kind everybody is. But what I love the most is that people want you to succeed, and people respect hard work. It's a great place! Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know about you? Check out my new video READY TO LOVE on VEVO!

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