Good Impressions

Here at WISM it’s “All about impressions” and this week we’d like to share new work from two very different artists who continue to impress us. First up, an artist we introduced to you a few months back with her thoughtful and moving tribute to Earth Wind and Fire’s Maurice White. We were impressed with that song, we’re blown away by this one. Please take a minute to watch the powerful music video below, "Accept Who I Am," by singer, beatboxer and musician, Butterscotch. She worked with director and choreographer, Mary John Frank on this project and with help from fans on Kickstarter, it's now here for everyone to see! "The world is plagued with hate and violence, and I can't even log onto my social media without hearing about another horrible tragedy," says Butterscotch. "We need to spread love and acceptance to keep us united instead of fighting against each other and continuing this vicious cycle of division." If it impacts you as it did us, please share and tag, #AcceptWhoIAm.

Her album, The Scotch Tapes Vol.2, is available at

Next up, NY based Steven Nathan, front man and mastermind behind the Indie band Don’t Believe in Ghosts, has a catchy, summer time song on his hands with “The Way I See it”. Jack of all trades (and instruments), Nathan played everything you hear on this track. Like we said, it’s catchy. One listen and you’ll be singing the hook the rest of the day. You’ve been warned.


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