Get your priorities straight!

In our business that can mean any number of things: getting your release schedule in order, preparing for next quarter, putting the finishing touches on the launch of a new campaign ... What’s In-Store Music is a one stop shop that can help with all of those things and more.

When you’re planning your release schedule, we are here to help you get thousands of impressions out in front of your campaign.

Preparing for next quarter? Let WISM help you a amass thousands of impressions in the market while you are delivering it to radio and other media outlets. Got a new artist you’re trying to break and you need some drivers to help move the needle? We can lead the way with thousands of early impressions, allowing your priority music to be heard and absorbed into the buying public’s consciousness before radio has even heard it. When getting your priorities straight, why would you go anywhere else? CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC and we will take care of the rest.


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