WISM Convention Issue

The nation may be transfixed with the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia but here in the San Fernando Valley, the WISM platform is now complete and we are ready to take our message to the industry: The delegates (well, Scott, Bob and Julie) have pledged the following: (1) Whereas generating exposure for new artists has become a difficult endeavor, WISM will create an opportunity for your artists' music to be showcased across a platform of over 30,000 retail stores across the country!! (2) Whereas playlists at radio are limited, WISM will offer the opportunity for exposure with formats that are expansive and can expose many new songs! (3) Whereas data about the quantity of impressions is necessary, WISM provides a breakdown of how many impressions your song gets a week! (4) Whereas specific market data is needed, WISM is in the final stages of being able to provide impression reports broken down by individual markets! (5) Whereas the “little guy” can often be left out in the cold, WISM levels the playing field with support of music from all artists regardless of their affiliation! (6) Whereas the industry loves charts that reflect what is happening in the market, WISM is developing charts to showcase how your music is doing across this great platform of stores! In conclusion, our fellow industry peers … WISM is taking on the establishment. It’s no longer business as usual, and we are here to shake up the industry with a new and exciting platform of exposure that will make our industry great again! (Balloons dropping and sustained standing ovation with cheers of WISM….WISM ….WISM) So make a stand and ... CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC!


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