Artist Spotlight: Bronze Radio Return

I loved this band since my first listen many years ago when I was working in Triple A Radio. They have a knack of connecting with fans and have had great success expanding their reach by getting their music in radio, TV/film placement and of course, retail radio exposure.

Bronze Radio Return is:


1. The band’s name pays homage to an old radio that belonged to Chris’ dad. What is it that drew you to radio and what is your fondest radio memory?

I spent a lot of time absorbing music through that radio. It lived in my dad's art studio and was always on ... I can remember hearing Howlin' Wolf for the the first time and thinking, “That voice is unlike anything I’ve heard before!” Last Christmas my dad passed the radio on to me and I proudly have it playing in my studio now.

2. You’ve been so successful hitting the various touch points to get your music heard: radio, live shows, digital airplay, in-store retail play and TV placements. What advice would you give indie bands that are trying to make a lasting impression?

I think making an impression can be easy, but making a LASTING impression is difficult. We live in an age with so much music -- so much content -- so much stimulation. It's hard to cut through the noise and create something that you hope people come back to after hearing it once. To me, it seems the people that have a lasting impression are the people that focus on connection with the listener. Things like radio and placements are awesome vehicles to have your music shared, but at the end of the day it comes down to if people connect with what you are creating.

3. TV/film/commercial placements have been good to you! Which placement are you the most proud?

We’ve be really fortunate in the music placement department! Its cool to see songs that we worked hard making in the studio find new homes. I’ve always been a big Bill Murray fan and to have a song in one of his movies was really fun to watch. It was a double bonus to have the song play at The Golden Globes when they introduced the movie.

4. What goes into Bronze Radio Return’s songwriting process? Is it a group process?

The BRR song process is a long creative road that often starts at my house in Connecticut or my parent's house in Maine. I get a group of ideas together -- some more thought out than others. From that collection of demos we all work out parts and mold it into the album we are working on at the time. Our band loves being in the studio and has had the pleasure of recording in some really great spots around the country.

5. You just released your first live album, “Live from Brooklyn and Then Some.”

Can you describe the “Then Some?”

For our last studio album we had recorded more songs than we ended up releasing on “Light Me Up.” We were sitting on five or six songs that we wanted to share, but didn’t quite know the best way to get them out there. After recording the the live album we decided to tack on a few extras from our studio sessions. Those two songs turned into the “Then Some.”

Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know?

We are excited to be getting back out on the road this fall. All the dates are just about hammered out so check our socials soon for show announcements :)

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