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We know, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. The flyers in your mail box prove it. What does that mean to you and your priority music? Nothing too important ... just that parents, children, teens and young adults will all be in retail outlets shopping. Clothing stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, electronics stores, office supply stores, phone service provider stores and more. Guess what else? While they’re out they’ll be eating in restaurants and fast food outlets. What does What’s In-Store Music have in common with all of these places? We get songs placed in ALL of THEM! Picture your priority music getting thousands of impressions in stores and in some cases, throughout entire shopping malls! They say you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. You can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing the bat. Well, if you don’t get your music in front of the decision makers it will never get heard. It’s true with radio, video and with in-store play. Here at What’s In-Store Music, OUR #1 priority is to get YOUR #1 priority heard by as many people as possible. Let us help you with that ... CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC!


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