Go For The Gold with What’s In-Store Music!

How great is it to put the world’s problems on hold for a minute and revel in the amazing athletes participating in the RIO Olympics? Each day we get to see the best in the world compete for themselves and for their country ... it’s something that never gets old. Now, we could make some analogy here about these great athletes and WISM ... but we won’t ... we just liked the headline! Every time an artist releases a song, the goal is to go all the way ... win the Gold! In an era where all the rules of developing and breaking an artist and song are changing all the time, WISM offers a way to help you build the foundation for your project that can be a major selling point in your overall marketing campaign. More and more, marketing music in non-traditional ways has become the norm: Movie theaters; taxi cabs; elevators; and even while filling up the tank with gas. In-store music has been in the background for years, however with the increasing number of studies indicating that music can influence the way a consumer shops,* retailers have placed more importance on their in-store music provider choices. Once thought of as nothing but background music, in-store play is more front and center than ever. At What’s In-Store Music, we work closely with programming professionals who provide music for some of the most recognizable retail and restaurant outlets with more than 30,000 store fronts across the US and in Canada. A campaign with WISM can provide your priority music with unprecedented exposure from coast to coast through in-store play. In a time in our industry when every impression counts more than ever, let us help you win the Gold! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC!

* Journal of Business Research – in-store music and aroma influences on shopper behavior and satisfaction.


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