Artist Spotlight: Jenny Jarnagin

This week's spotlight is on singer/songwriter and musician, Jenny Jarnagin, whose passion for her art is beyond inspiring. We're thrilled that her single, "It's Not Right" is being heard in retail stores across the country.

1. You are a very prolific songwriter. What’s the process like for you?

One element always remains constant for me, and that’s the intention of remaining open to inspiration and ideas. Once your mindset is there, a song can develop many different ways. Sometimes it’s just a simple musical theme that emerges while sitting at the piano. Sometimes it starts with a concept or concern put into some kind of rhyming form. If it’s a co-write, one never knows what will happen. I love how songs are born, and do my best to express meaning and character.

2. Your music education started at an early age and has taken you all over the globe. What would you say was the turning point for you where you realized that this is what you were born to do?

My mother always wanted and prayed for a child that played piano. I was the youngest of four, and well ... she finally got a kid that was born with the passion. I started playing by ear at age three and have never stopped. It’s almost like it wasn’t a choice ... creating music is what I do by nature. It’s part of who I am. I really got into songwriting about six years ago, and it’s exhilarating for me. I feel like all of my training and life experiences placed me in the perfect position to create new material that communicates to people.

3. Your single, “It’s Not Right,” is getting in-store plays across the country. What was your inspiration behind this song?

This song was born from a conversation I had with my sister. She had an argument with her boyfriend and ended up apologizing for something she wasn’t even guilty of doing. We continued to talk about how people can turn you into something your not. That’s when she said, “It’s not right not to be me. I just want to get back to being me”. As an artist, I can truly identify with the fight to remain authentic to yourself. You have to be strong, and it’s my hope that this song encourages others to follow their passions, despite societal pressures.

4. You’ve built a very loyal fan base. What advice can you give to indie artists who are just getting started?

Well, first of all, an artist should never lose sight of the joy of music. It’s passion that fuels us, and if that goes away, making and sharing music will become exhausting. Just like I said about my new song, “It’s Not Right,” - stay true to yourself. Build your own path. While you must constantly strive to improve yourself, stay authentic. There’s a lot of distraction out there. Use your own discernment and don’t get lost in the race.

5. What’s next for Jenny Jarnagin?

More music! I’m still writing a lot of new, exciting material, and have plans of getting back into the studio very soon for more releases! My band is also currently getting booked for some exciting shows. I’m really looking forward to a great upcoming year!

Shamelss plug: What would you like our readers to know?

Hmm. Well the really good stuff I can’t share ... yet, but I’d like your readers to know that I truly appreciate music fans. Thank you so much for listening and reading. I hope my music brings joy and enrichment to everyone who listens.

Wait ... I’m not being very shameless ... maybe I should tell the readers that I studied piano in Russia, or that I’m endorsed by Hammond, or that I headlined the Songwriters’ Showcase on AZ PBS, or that I’ve recorded with the likes of Kenny Greenberg (Kenny Chesney), Tim Akers (Rascal Flatts), David Hungate (Toto) and so much more. This journey has been amazing! and it’s only really the beginning! Simply grateful to do what I love.

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