Artist Spotlight: Mandy Jiroux

A dancer, singer and YouTube sensation, this woman has it all! Mandy Jiroux is busy promoting her new single, "Insane," which is motivating hundreds of thousands of shoppers in retail stores across the country. Her fans are eagerly awaiting her next choreography video for "Insane," along with a music video.

You’re so well known for your choreography, but you’re a talented singer as well. When did you start your musical career?

I wanted to start singing when I got back home from tour dancing for Miley Cyrus. The way Miley, her back up singers, and her band performed every night inspired me to do more than just dance. Miley was working with the producers Rock Mafia at the time who were holding an audition for a girl group. I auditioned, booked the group and started my music career.

You were in Beach Girl5 (BG5), the pop group managed by Kris Jenner. How is it being on your own now, as a solo artist?

Although, I enjoyed being apart of my girl group, I do love being a solo artist more. In my girl group, I was controlled and couldn’t be my full self as an artist. Now I can sing, dance, dress and act how I want.

Your new single, “Insane,” samples Blind Melon’s “No Rain and is so upbeat and fun! What’s the story behind it, and can we expect to see a video with amazing Mandy choreography soon?

I was in the studio with one of my producers, Cliff Goilo, and our goal that day was to create my next single. Cliff picked up the guitar and played the classic “No Rain” guitar riff out of nowhere. I was like, “I love that song! Can we recreate it?!” That’s how it came about. And yes! A dance choreography video will actually be out soon for “Insane” and a music video after that!

So many kids are yearning to be YouTube sensations. What advice would you give them?

My first word of advice would be to create video content that you are passionate about. That makes the process fun and natural. And second, would be that content is key. Keep creating and uploading videos to keep consistent.

Another hat you wear is that of the iHeart Social Media Correspondent where you cover festivals and iHeart events. Do you have any social media tips up your sleeve that help create buzz?

I just think its important to post content that is relatable to you and your followers. In the same sense, post content that you feel your followers will want to see from you. What also helps is talking and engaging in your followers.

Shameless Plug: What would you like our readers to know?

If you haven’t heard about my new single “Insane” yet, then you can check it out on iTunes or on Spotify! And stay tuned for more music!

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