Artist Spotlight: Jerad Finck

Jerad Finck is a talented singer/songwriter whose music is relatable and authentic. His latest single, "Criminal," is a perfect example of that and will resonate with all who listen. Here's what Jerad had to say about his new release, touring and his inspiration.

Your single, “Criminal,” which is getting in-store play, has been released through Kobalt Music, a new alternative to traditional record labels. Can you explain how this model differs from other record deals?

I think the largest difference is how Kobalt operates. They are a massive international company with some of the largest acts in all of music, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like every artist is important and every artist gets their time. They have made a huge name for themselves in the synch world in film and TV, which is so nice to have a team who is so focused not only on the artist, sales and normal label operations, but on the actual crafting and writing process as well. It’s a very natural fit for me, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

The video for “Criminal” is so powerful and emotional. Is there a story behind the song?

Well the thing is, we’ve all been through breakups, all of us. However, we have all been through that one that was just so much harder to get through, because after it was done, it was like that person had taken a piece of you with them, they stole it, like a criminal. Which begins that whole reflective process of determining if the lessons learned were worth the hardship and emotional turmoil. That was the angle of the song, not only was the break up hard, and you took a piece of me, but was it even worth it. In the end, it’s a very personal reflection.

You’ve been doing a fair amount of touring this summer. Do you have any memorable tour stories you’d like to share?

Haha, every day something crazy happens, I think that is actually what tour means … craziness. From car troubles, to the interactions with people across the country, hotel mishaps, every night of setup, tour is just a wild circus that you just try and stay with, and on top of. There are so many moving pieces that you eventually get this approach of letting go and realizing that things are not always going to go as planned, in fact they rarely do. I think that’s kind of the nature of it, and what I really enjoy, the adventure and experience of making music live and bringing it out into the world.

Your 2011 release, “Runaway” was about not giving up on your dreams. What’s the next inspiring message you have in store for your fans?

More of the same, minus the dreams. Just don’t give up. It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing, we are all going through crap, and we all have to try and find a way through it. I find that surrounding myself with other people who are tenacious shows me that it can be done, and those people have changed my life for the better, and I hope that I can provide that for someone out there.

What do you like most about touring?

For me it absolutely connecting with the fans. Hearing their stories, sharing mine, finding our commonalities and mutual experiences. I absolutely love talking to new people and seeing how we all relate to the world. I love hearing how my music has impacted their lives, or something relatable. I think that is the only way we grow. I find so much inspiration in the lives of others, that touring for me is a fantastic way to share my thoughts and feelings, and take in the same from others.

Finally, a shameless plug. What would you like our readers to know?

That’s it’s only because of you and I am able to do this. Only because of your responses, your social network shares, coming out to shows, listening and spreading the message. All of this is why I am able to keep creating and I am so grateful for everyone who takes the time to enter my little madhouse.

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