Artist Spotlight: Dylan Guthro

Dylan Guthro is constantly creating, writing, producing and playing music. The Canadian indie artist crosses format lines with ease and is becoming one of the most versatile musicians in the Canadian music scene. We are excited to welcome him to the WISM family and see his single, "Dance on Me," grow at retail locations across the U.S.

Congrats on your new single, “Dance on Me,” which is getting retail play across the U.S., as well as climbing the Canadian Spotify charts. How is this release different from what you’ve done in the past?

This release is different from what I've done in the past because it shines a little bit of light on another side of what I do musically. Being a huge fan of hip hop/R&B electronic music, I've been co-writing and collaborating with several artists in those genres for years now. I decided that it made sense and would be fun to release something different under my own name.

Your dad is singer/songwriter, Bruce Guthro, so music is definitely in your blood! How has he influenced you, as a musician?

Bruce was definitely a big help in getting me started, he helped me put my first album together and took me on tour which got my name out there. Nowadays we're both so busy it's a treat when we get to play together.

You’ve collaborated with some amazing artists and producers. What has been one of your favorite experiences and/or projects?

It's hard to choose a favourite experience when it comes to collaboration as I've made so many great friends and working relationships along the way. One that stands out a lot to me which is related to the music I'm making now is the first time I did a song with Quake Matthews. We had connected on Twitter and it wasn't long after that we decided to try something. I went out to his studio in Fairview, NS at the time and it just worked. He was there with Corey Lerue who was producing the track, the three of us quickly came across something that we all loved and have since spent countless hours in the studio together. This was a cool connection for me as it brought two circles (the people they work with and the people I work with) of creative people together and now it's almost like one big group whom are constantly working with each other.

You wear many hats in your music career: solo artist, band member, producer, etc. What role is most comfortable and why?

I wear many musical hats because I love doing it all. If I've been on the road for a month or two, I start craving the studio, and vice versa. I find I don't really stop writing, even if it's just little ideas to save for a session so that kind of blends into everything. When you've been writing or working on something in the studio there's definitely a special feeling at the end of day or night when you listen back to what you've come up with and know that it didn't exist when you woke up. It's another special feeling when you feel the love from a crowd at a show, I can't choose a favourite at this point in my life to be honest!

Tell us about Port Cities. How did the trio come together and what’s in store for you guys in 2017?

Port Cities consists of myself, Breagh Mackinnon, and Carleton Stone. We had been writing songs together for several years and started playing in each other's bands still listed as solo acts. I think we came to a conclusion one night in a hotel room after one of Carleton's gigs where Breagh and I were hired in his band. We knew there was something special about the three voices coming together and we started to play with the idea of all joining forces which didn't take very long to solidify. We're very excited for 2017, our first album will be released in February and plans are being put in place to get out there and tour as much as we can.

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