Artist Spotlight: Brettyn Rose

Canadian singer/songwriter and Super Teen Brettyn Rose is making a big impression at retail with her single, "Walking with No Shoes." She's an accomplished musician with a knack for writing meaningful, hooky songs and we're excited she's joined the WISM roster of artists.

Your single, ”Walking With No Shoes” is getting played in retail stores across the U.S. What was your inspiration behind the song and what message would you like listeners to take away from it?

My inspiration for this song is a reflection of the fact that I do perform in my bare feet. I also love to play the piano in my bare feet. It just gives me a grounded feeling, and a better feel of the music. A bonus is that my feet never hurt from shoes. But on a real note, the message I would love for people to understand from this song, is that Walking with no Shoes means to allow yourself the freedom to go and experience different things.You don’t have to prove to anyone but yourself that your feet are where they are supposed to be and you can just enjoy the moment of what is happening.

You’re just 15-years old and have accomplished so much in your musical career so far. What professional goals have you set for yourself in 2017?

Thank you for saying that, I sometimes don’t look at it as accomplishments (but I should) and celebrate them. I see them as stepping stones moving me forward on my musical journey. Now that my first album is out, which has been a goal for so long and now it’s finally is here; I think my new goal is to continue to learn and develop my writing skills, and to perform as much as I can. I also would love to do collaboration with someone. Yes! 2017 Collaboration and Performing!

Who is your favorite artist to cover and why?

My ultimate favorite artist to cover, admire and learn from is Ed Sheeran. For one he has crazy mad guitar skills, but I love the way he writes and uses his words and phrasing to tell us a story that makes you really feel something and connect with his song. My hope is that people connect this way to my music as well, and, Ohhh back to question #2 collaboration????? YES Please!

Do you have any plans to tour to promote your new album? Any U.S. dates?

I don’t have any concrete plans at this moment to tour, but I am up for anything that comes my way.

What advice would you give to kids who want to pursue careers in music?

The advice I would give is to go for it!. You need to pursue what makes your heart happy as long as you have a support system. I have found, along the way, that you need to have people whom you trust to help and guide you through the day to day stuff. It doesn’t have to be parents necessarily (it really helps though), but just anyone who teaches and encourages you to keep going and grow as an individual and as an artist. My teachers and mentors have been such huge supporters of me, as well as my family and friends. This is not a “do it alone” kind of business.

Finally, a shameless plug...What would you like our readers to know about you?

I have Royal Conservatory grade certificates in Piano, Vocal and Theory. So what people may not know about me, is that I am a total music nerd.I love the music theory the best. I find it relaxing to just sit down and work on my theory.








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