Artist Spotlight: Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street Friedman describes himself as a late bloomer. The New York-based singer-songwriter returned to making music a couple years ago after a long "hiatus" from the business. His latest album, Shoot the Moon comes out early 2017 and features the single, "Everyday," which is getting played at retail locations across the U.S.

You took a break from your music and had a career in a completely unrelated field. What made you decide to come back and start recording and performing again?

It was after the loss of my father and mother in 2004 and 2006 respectively, and the birth of my daughter in 2006, that I was struck by the realization that my passion for writing, performing and recording songs had not diminished.

How is your music career now different from when you first were starting out?

If you explore most late bloomer stories a common thread you’ll find is that they did their defining work when the chaos of youth had dissipated. They reached a point when they simply didn’t give a #$@&. Life happened, it was messy, they lived to tell the stories and wear the scars, and their reward was feeling the kind of confidence that only comes through living. That’s what it feels like for me – I feel liberated to make the music that I want to make, to talk about topics I feel are important to me and the rest of the world.

Congrats on your latest album, Shoot the Moon. What was the recording process like and how does it compare to your previous albums?

This process was really fun because it was the first album that I recorded almost exclusively in my home studio with the band that I put together after the release of my debut album The Waiting Sky in 2014. The basic tracks were all recorded live to vibey old analogue equipment so you really get the feeling of an older record. My last 2 releases were to a large extent, multi tracked from the ground up. These tracks really breathe!

Your latest single, “Everyday,” is so uplifting and positive and will resonate with everyone who hears it. What is the back-story of the song and how do you, “make the best of everyday?”

This was actually the last song we recorded during the production of the album. It started as just a musical riff that I really liked and didn’t want to let the band go until we’d gotten the basic track down on tape. I then lived with it for a number of months until the song form and the lyrics materialized! I think it’s a reminder to myself to keep striving. It’s easy to fritter away time on trivial stuff, but at the end of my life, I’d like to look back and think that I made a real difference, and created something beautiful.

Any plans on touring to support the new album?

Yes that is in the works!

Finally, a shameless plug … What would you like our readers to know about you?

I absolutely love writing and performing music. I’m also a little obsessive about cycling and I have an amazing wife and two beautiful young children.








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