Artist Spotlight: EKLIPSE

The ladies of EKLIPSE take Classical music to an entirely different, and more attainable level. Their performances are electrifying with their beautiful costuming and compelling stage presence; and their playing is the real deal. The classically trained musicians have released a holiday track, "Carol of the Bells," which is being played at retail this holiday season.

How did the four of you come together to form EKLIPSE?

We were all learning and performing at various schools and conservatories in Germany and Holland and since we all have a passion for the darker side of culture, music and fashion we came across each other every once in a while at parties and with mutual friends. It actually took some time before we decided to start Eklipse, but once we played together for the first time we were dedicated to go for it.

You just released your first Christmas cover, “Carol of the Bells,” which will be getting a lot of exposure at retail this holiday season. How did you decide which Christmas favorite to record?

There are so many Christmas songs and we didn't want our track to be all too traditional since there are various songs considered to be traditional in various countries. So, for example, something like “Silent Night” was not a choice for us although it's obviously a great song, but it has been done too often and we didn't feel we could contribute anything new or exciting to it. “Carol Of The Bells” was an instant decision amongst us and we are very happy how it turned out.

What song is at the top your “Cover Wish List?”

Helena: “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. It is one the greatest pieces of music for me personally. But that is a difficult song to cover with the way Eklipse does sound.

Viola: Since a kid I'm in love with Ravel´s “Bolero,” it is an obvious classic and it means so much to me. It's kind of my personal “entry” into classical music. Not easy to do a cover of since it needs a certain orchestration.

Miss E.: Well, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea, but I really like “Moth Into The Flame,” that very new Metallica track. It's a great and very powerful song that shows a lot of what I've been missing about Metallica for quite a while. Also I really love “Queen of Peace” by Florence & the Machine. A fantastic song that is probably close to perfect, which makes it hard to cover.

Scarlett: We're Germans, so yes, Rammstein is a choice. Although I'm not sure if their songs would work the way Eklipse does sound. Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and Lorde's “Yellow Flicker Beat” would be great to do in the future. Maybe we take a closer look at them soon.

EKLIPSE has given a contemporary image to classical music, attracting a new and younger audience. How does the more traditional classical audience receive the band?

That is very different depending on where you go. In the US it's not a big deal to be honest, we're getting so much response from people of all ages. The traditional classical audience has gotten the point that we're actually dead serious about the playing and the recordings and they've registered that we can actually play pretty serious, that is kind of what matters to those people in the first place. In Russia people grew up with classical music, for them there's not kind of line between pop and classical. In Germany, France and UK you can tell that people want to try and spot the so-called difference and are taking it very serious, but the traditionalists understand that we know what we do and don't really care, younger people just love it and ask for remixes and live-versions and those kind of things.

Are there any plans for an EKLIPSE album of original music?

Actually, yes. Not tomorrow and maybe not a whole album, but we're sure that there will be two or three newly composed tracks on our next album that we're planning to release in the 2nd half of 2017. Maybe we're even having two or three guest vocalists on some songs. But it's not a marketing thing to us, it needs to feel good musically and it needs to be inspiring and the moment we're doing it we have to feel good about the idea of doing this 500 times over and over again.

Finally, a shameless plug … what would you like our readers to know about you?

You should know that we know to play, that we´re taking it serious to play and record music with strings and that we're women who like to dance and to party and to dress sexy. That's all. It's very easy.






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