Artist Spotlight: Travis Cloer

Crooner Travis Cloer is set for the season. His original holiday song, "(Baby, it's Cold) Under the Mistletoe" is being played at retail across the country and he's preparing for his holiday show, Christmas at My Place, December 9th at The Space in Las Vegas. With a theater background and a love for story telling through song, it's a show that will get everyone in the spirit!

You’ve got quite the impressive background playing Frankie Valli in the TONY and GRAMMY winning musical, JERSEY BOYS, both on Broadway and in Las Vegas. How has your theater experience prepared you for your music career?

Being involved in live theatre has been extremely helpful to me as a musician. Not only have I had to sing a wide variety of musical styles, but because of theatre I've learned to really focus on the lyric of a song and find a way to deliver it to the listener so that they get the deepest meaning out of it possible. If you can't connect to a song, listeners can't connect with you.

Was Frankie Valli a musical influence prior to you getting cast in the role? Who are some other musical influences?

I've been a fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons long before JERSY BOYS rolled around. Doo Wop has always been a big influence on me. I'm a fan of tight harmonies, both writing them and singing them. I try to combine that with my love of the Great American Songbook and give my fans something that is uniquely from my heart.

Your latest release, Christmas at My Place, features, "(Baby, it's Cold) Under the Mistletoe" which is getting played at retail across the U.S. What was your inspiration behind recording a Christmas album and your Christmas at My Place concert?

My family and I love the Holidays, like in a Bing Crosby, White Christmas kind of way. I wanted my live show to have that classic Holiday TV special feel to it complete with special guests from the Las Vegas Strip. After four years of sold out shows, I then decided to record a new fully orchestrated Christmas record to go along with it. I wanted to create an experience that told the story from the excitement of the Holidays arriving, to the reverence of the Season, and end with the heart warming joy of the arrival of the big day, my family even makes a cameo on the last track! I also wanted to give my fans some new original music in "Christmas is My Favorite" written by co-producer and arranger Keith Thompson and "(Baby, it's Cold) Under the Mistletoe" by yours truly.

What is your favorite jazz standard to cover and why?

That is a tough question. We're talking about a genre of music that has some of the best songs ever written. Although I love a big horn section, I really was moved recording my version of "In the Still of the Night" by Cole Porter on my record "Setting the Standard". It starts with just voice and piano and the melody of that song is simply beautiful. Add in the haunting lyrics and it adds up to a really powerful piece and one that I love performing still.

If you could record a duet with any artist living or deceased, who would it be and why?

Another tough question. My musical influences are quite eclectic. I'm not sure I can narrow it down to one, so here's a few: Mel Torme, Sarah Vaughn, Tony Bennett, Michael Jackson, John Legend, and of course Frankie Valli. Those are some from a very long list of artists I'd love to sing with.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Music in in my blood. It's who I am and I hope listeners can hear that when they listen to me sing, no matter what I'm singing.

I'm currently writing new material for a new album. I use my love for jazz, doo wop, and oldies to deliver a vintage sound fine tuned for today.

Just keep an eye on my website for all new happenings with me including shows and new music. I'm all over social media too!

Enjoy the music!








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