Artist Spotlight: Margo Rey

Singer-Songwriter Margo Rey is certainly in the holiday spirit. She is the most played holiday music artist on our WISM Top 50 Chart, and her holiday plays exceed 800,000 over the last two holiday seasons. In 2017 she'll be just as busy with speaking engagements, new music and collaborations, but for now we wish her the happiest of holidays!

1. “This Holiday Night” received massive exposure at retail during the holidays last year and we’re excited to see this year’s release, “Silent Night” soar just as high. What do you love most about this time of year?

First, I am so delighted and grateful that "This Holiday Night" continues to capture the ears and hearts of so many. In my rendition of "Silent Night" I wanted to pay homage to The luscious instrumentation of Marvin Gaye's music and capture the lighthearted feel and excitement that the we long for every season whilst preparing and performing all of our holiday rituals and traditions. What I love most about this time of year is precisely that; traditions of food and celebration and having my loved ones close.

2. On your release “Never 2 Late” you collaborated with John Oates of Hall & Oates. How did the two of you meet and start working together?

Never 2 Late is the 3rd song John and I have released commercially but we have continued to write together since then. We met by a beautiful set of circumstances. He had heard my music and knew my manager because they are both car enthusiasts and expressed interest in writing with me. I was absolutely over the moon to write with him. We have a very dear friendship now outside of just being musicians.

3. What accomplishment(s) from your music career makes you most proud?

I would say I am most honored, humbled and proud when fans tell me how much of a role that one of my songs has played in the soundtrack of their life.

4. You give back to the community by supporting many charitable organizations. What are some of the causes you’re involved with?

I align my charitable efforts with organizations that forge progress in sustainable and holistic practices that effect our communities, our health and the health of our planet.

Urban gardening programs like the Robert Finley project, Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity, taking care of wounded soldiers and their families through the AFF and being a Breast cancer warrior twice in my life, I have been a voice for many to create awareness through education and access to resources.

5. What’s in store for you in 2017? More recording? Touring?

I have been preparing the soil so to speak to create grass roots Margo Rey Bands in Nashville, New York City, Las Vegas and of course, keeping my band in LA working and touring. This way, I can support local musicians and be influenced by the artistic culture of that city whilst promoting my A/C hits. I am also working on an English/Spanish Jazz album with 3 time Grammy award winning composer and pianist, Oscar Hernandez. We will be recording songs from the great American song book, classic Spanish Boleros and a few original compositions. My friendship with Oscar began in 2003 when I lived in NYC and starred in a musical called Latin Heat. I have performed with him many times since and it is a dream come true to be collaborating as a partner on this album.

Finally, a shameless plug … What would you like our readers to know about you?

That I am grateful for the listeners who have embraced my music and keep in touch with me and continue to support live original music shows. Musicians need you now more than ever!








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