Artist Spotlight: OBB

OBB is an Atlanta-based pop trio consisting of the Oswald brothers: Zach (21), Jacob (19) and Nich (18). Don't let their ages fool you ... these guys have already experienced playing to packed arenas, chart success and a national TV show. Their single "Sweater," is blowing up with first impressions reached via in-store play.

1. Music is obviously a “family” business. At what point growing up did you realize that you would all pursue music, and did you know it would be as a group or had you thought of individual careers?

Music has always been part of our lives. Growing up playing piano we ventured out in our early teens to other instruments and our dad signed us up for a Battle of the Bands when our youngest brother was just 12. That’s what got us started playing together. Before that we had not played together as a band. I don’t think any of us ever thought of individual careers in music. We were just having fun playing music together.

2. You were on CBS Early Show’s Singing Family Face-Off in 2009, which propelled your career and led to some great opportunities. What was that like and what doors did it open?

The CBS competition was a true turning point for us. We entered the competition on a whim never dreaming that we would be chosen to compete. CBS flew us in and wined and dined us. We got a taste of the music business “life” and really never looked back. Doors that opened where mostly touring and eventually caught the attention of Curb Records.

3. Your latest single, “Sweater” is so catchy and infectious! It’s already making great strides and also getting in-store play across the U.S. Do you have any exciting news pertaining to the track?

Sweater is such a fun song. It’s been great seeing how people react to it. We released it to Spotify and had over a half million plays in the first three weeks. We also charted on US and Global. We’ve just been added to Radio Disney and have spent time in L.A. and N.Y.C. promoting the new song.

4. You’ve got some big tour plans for 2017. Tell us about where you’ll be and what you’re most looking forward to visiting.

We are starting off 2017 very busy with a huge tour where we will have the opportunity to perform Sweater live to over a half million people. We are hitting mostly large cities across the US. Our favorite part of touring is seeing our fans.

5. Family secrets … What’s something your fans would be surprised to hear about each of you?

Things our fans might be surprised to hear is that my brothers and I were all home schooled from middle school on. Some tidbits on each of us: Zach is really good at impressions, mostly accents. Jacob is colorblind and really good at picking up new languages. Nich can build and fix anything. Nich has a total engineering brain.

Finally … a shameless plug. What would you like our readers to know about OBB?

Go listen to our song Sweater on Spotify. Go to our website and purchase a t-shirt. We want to see you wearing one.








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