Artist Spotlight: Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit (Big Beat/Atlantic/RRP) is an electronic music group from the UK consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson and Luke Patterson. They’ve seen huge success with chart-topping singles, record sales reaching millions and a 2015 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for “Rather Be.” They’ve collaborated with artists such as WISM client Jess Glynne and their new single, “Rockabye” features Anne-Marie and rapper Sean Paul. We're happy to report that "Rockabye" is gaining lots of traction at retail and moving up our WISM Top-30 Chart!

1. Rockabye featuring Anne-Marie and Sean Paul has a very powerful video. Tell us about the meaning behind the song and what it was like to shoot the video.

Well my original idea came from meeting a pole dancer called Rita Conte in Florence, Italy when I was living there. She runs a pole dancing academy and is a champion of many competitions. I asked her to play the "mother" character because her acrobatic dancing is so amazing. We wanted to juxtapose mundane reality and the necessity to earn money with the joyous fantasy that can be found in dancing.

Making the video was an interesting process because usually I produce the videos myself and Jack directs and edits and sometimes our friends come to shoot and that's it - a team of 3 or 4 people. But for this one I directed with Jack and we had a huge team of amazing people helping! Rita's dancing and acting was incredible and we were all blown away.

2. What was it like bringing all this talent together for the recording?

Working with Sean Paul has always been a dream for us. Temperature and Breathe were big songs for us growing up. It's been very surreal getting to work with him, a true legend. And Anne-Marie's voice is so beautiful! 3. Rockabye had great success in the UK before and during the holidays. In addition to in-store play, what are your plans to promote the single here in the States?

We hope to perform on TV and we are planning to tour across America very soon! 4. Really interesting CD cover art. Is there a story that goes along with it?

No. It is by a brilliant collage artist called Rita Zimmerman. The eye is Luke's eye and there is a baby. 5. What’s next for Clean Bandit?

We are finishing our second album now and making lots of music with exciting singers! Shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about Clean Bandit?

Our song has been at the top of the charts for 9 weeks in the UK!! Look out for our album in 2017.








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