Artist Spotlight: Fuller French

Meet Fuller French, a talented song writer who's pulled from a wide range of musical influences to create a style all his own. Fuller has had two songs programmed at retail radio. His current single “Echoes’” can be heard retail outlets now!

How would you describe your musical style?

I’d call it singer/songwriter, deeply influenced by the popular orchestral music of the 1950s and 1960s. I’m more interested in creating beautiful music and admire artists such as Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, John Barry, Pat Williams and more. Musical styles such as the Bossa Nova and French Romantic have played a great role in my musical development — artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Francis Lai. Of course some of my favorite music comes from the 1970s libraries of Elton John and ELO. Glen Campbell, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, and The Allman Brothers are big ones as well … quite a range!

What contemporary artists are you listening to these days?

There are lots of alternative bands such as Grouplove, Deep Sea Arcade and Empire of the Sun that I like very much. Five for Fighting is also excellent.

I hear you have quite the extensive music library. Name your five favorite albums of all time.

ELO’s Discovery and a New World Record, Kansas’ Leftoverture, Elton John’s Madman Across the Water (with my orchestrator on Echoes, Paul Buckmaster), the soundtrack to Silver Streak, Charlie Rich’s Behind Closed Doors, Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream and Going Places.

When you’re not writing/playing music, how do you spend your time?

I collect all kinds of things and the constant search for pieces to fill in the gaps also helps with my music — I’m always discovering something new.

If you could record and collaborate with any artist (living or deceased), who would you choose?

There are so many greats — Elton, Paul McCartney, Herb Alpert … and Jeff Lynne.

Listen here:



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